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1. How do I reset my password?

We can help you reset your password in just a few easy steps on the desktop or mobile site.

Step 1: Go to the password reset page.
To start the process, visit our reset password page and enter the email address associated with your Credit Karma account.

Step 2: Check your email.
You’ll receive an email with a URL. Click the link or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar. The link expires 24 hours after it’s sent, so use it as soon as you can.

(If you miss the 24-hour window, don’t worry. Just repeat step 1.)

2. I forgot my email address. How do I find it?

Many credit scoring models include consideration of your payment history and your credit utilization ratio (your outstanding balance as it relates to your total amount of credit available). The length of credit history, your credit mix, and your amount of new credit are also factors that can be considered, but may not have as much weight as the others.

3. How often does my credit report information update?

We do update your credit report information every 30 days, as most of the creditors won’t send any updates on your account more often than every month.

4. How can I change my email address?

Once you login please go to top right corner and click on “Profile Settings”. Scroll down and you will be able to see - “Change email”. Enter your new email, then verify it again and click save. The email has changed


You can also write us an email:
[email protected]